So I got the timetable fixed after some time. And I got some homework to cover the lesson I missed.

I’m also going to be very busy with school and have limited Internet access the next two weeks. So I might not get one entry a day posted, but I’ll do my best. I can only get online once I get home and that is after 6PM more or less everyday.

Other than that I fixed the twenty minutes I had to be in two places at once.

My Religion teacher is going on maternal leave in a while. She is very pregnant right now. I hope we get a decent sub but you never know. I’d hate to have my grades fucked up. I’m trying to get all A’s this year. And I’m having eight classes so that gives me quite some school work.

I’m also very broke at the moment. I used up all this month’s money on my buscard. Hopefully I’ll get some money for my birthday though^^ My grandparents and my aunt will be coming over. Nadia and boyfriend are both invited but I don’t know if they’ll come.

Another reason why posts my not be as frequent is that I don’t want to post while I’m in school. If need be the administrators at school can see every webpage I’ve visited and I so do not want any of my teachers stumbling on this page!

So yeah, will be working on the post about the weekend now^^