I’ve been on summer vacation for a looong time. Feels like ages at leas. I have done some fun things and been bored out of my mind some as well. The fun stuff included a week in Greece and seeing my boyfriend and friends. The not so fun part included mindless hours spent staring at my computer screen cos I just had nothing else to do, not seeing my friends for ages. One of my friend’s I’m used to see daily; over the summer I’ve met him twice.

I’ve felt really cut-off from my social network, and that drives me crazy. Been a bit down about it too. Those panic attacks I’ve written about, basically cos I hadn’t seen my friends in a long time and I read about how much fun they were having with each other on their blogs. And since they’ve been busy off line I haven’t even gotten to talk to them that much on-line.

Anyway, school starts in less than a week and I really look forward to it. I usually think the last day of the summer vacation comes along too soon, this year I’ve been wanting school to start almost a month in advance. I’ve never felt that way, and I’ll probably long for vacation once it does… But seeing to my friends regularly again I’m definitely prepared to get up at 6.15AM every morning. And I don’t like getting up in the morning. I want to get up when the morning is over and it’s already day! I really need to see my friends more often!

At least I’ve been able to see boyfriend pretty often. Then on the other hand, he took time to see me. My friends have been to caught up in their own business to call m, and I’ve been to scared of calling them. I know that’s just my insecurities speaking, and I managed to call some of them some times and get to see them a few times at least^^

It’s also my birthday soon. It can’t be worse than last year, that’s for sure. Might write a post about that sometime later if I can be bothered to and if just that day is enough to fill a whole post. Birthdays most often cheer me up, either it’s my own or a loved one’s.

Also boyfriend’s birthday is in little less than two months ^^ I wanna find him a nice present, but can’t really come up with anything.. I’ll have to ask him what he wants. I missed out on giving him a Christmas present. I had one in mind, but that one relied on somebody else to cooperate so that one didn’t work :(

Meh, can feel the side effects on a medicine kick in now >.< Hopefully I’ll never have to take that medicine again!