One of my best friends, Nadia, live practically next door, yet I don’t see her that often since I’m not home very often. So today I wanted to go see her.

When I came there Nadia was just putting her youngest son (six and a half-month old) to sleep. This was a bit problematic with the older one jumping around wanting his lunch. When I came it got a bit easier since I managed to distract her older son from distracting her.

“She not eating here,” he said when his brother was sleeping and his mother was setting the table. He’s in that age when he doesn’t want anyone else around when he’s with his mum.
“If she want to she is eating here,” my best friend said and set the table for three.
I like eating there, cos both she and her husband are really good cooks. Today was no exception.

In the middle of the meal Nadia’s mother came. They live about a minute away on foot, so the kids see their grandparents almost daily. She came to say that she was leaving for a few days and just wanted to say good bye.

For some reason we started talking about abortions and capital punishment. I don’t see how someone can be anti-abortion but pro-death sentences. (Nadia’s mother is anti-abortion and pro-death sentences)
Apparently some people deserve death, but a fetus haven’t done anything to deserve death but some criminals have.

When we were done with lunch we cleared the table and Nadia did the dishes. About this time her youngest son woke up and started whining, so she went to the bedroom and tried to make him fall asleep again. No such luck though.

“Let’s make chocolate balls,” Nadia suggested. Both me and her almost three year old thought it was a good idea and went to work. I ended up doing most of the work, since she had her arms full with baby and the other kid was more interested in eating the ingredients. The results tasted very good though ^^

We didn’t have time to eat them all before her husband came home from work and they had to leave. The almost three year old was getting vaccinated against tetanus.

They should be back now, so I’m heading over there again. I hope they haven’t finished all the chocolate balls ^^