There are several reasons why I think my boyfriend is great, one of them being the full body massage he gave me this morning. If I was a cat I’d be purring from the memory.

I think boyfriend woke up before me this morning, cos one of the first things I remember is him hugging me and saying he loves me. We stayed in bed, just hugging for some time, me still being half-asleep. It usually takes some time for me to properly wake up.

Before I’d properly woken up he told me to get on my stomach, I was getting a massage. I did as he asked, but was still kinda tired. So he had to undress me. Massages feel so much better with no layers of clothes in between.

He started with my back, me just laying there really enjoying it. Still being pretty sleepy made it better actually. I react so much more to things when I’m sleepy. Not just to good things like boyfriends hands on my back, but I also get angry or depressed much easier if I’m tired and/or sleepy.

When he was done with my back he moved on to my arms, and then the hands. We didn’t really have any massage oil, but body lotion works just fine^^ Also my whole body was nice and smooth when it was done :D

When he was done with the back of my legs, he told me to turn over so I was on my back. He was going to continue with the front of my body. At this point I was pretty horny, his hands all over my body has that effect on me. When he was done with the massage he kissed me. Mmh, I like massages, I like kisses. This was definitely a really nice morning.

When he’d kissed me he moved down on the bed again and a few seconds later he started eating me out. The morning just got better^^ Before he made me come I moved away so I had better access to his cock. He wasn’t completely hard yet, but a few seconds with his cock in my mouth made it hard for what I wanted. Him inside me from behind. Him fucking me from behind has turned into one of my favourite positions actually.

It’s slightly amazing how easy we have to get each other horny… I’m not complaining though. Massage and sex, both with a guy I love a lot, and both which are awesome on their own, does it get better?