Hypocrisy really bothers me.

And this guy on a certain forum I frequent bothers me even more.

I’m a vegetarian. I don’t bother meat eaters with long lecures on how bad it is to eat dead animals. I don’t freak out if my friends eat meat at the same table. I don’t try to convert people to vegetarianism.

Since I haven’t eaten meat in a long long time, my body don’t produce the enzymes needed to digest meat. So if I do eat meat I’d be sick.
Apparantly “In the world of sanity we call that a medical condition an illness almost.”

“I challenge anyone to seriously work out for two hours and not crave meat afterwards. If you can achieve that […] you will drop dead at 30 due to malnutrition”
I was a dancer for a while. I managed fine without eating any dead animals. I will not drop dead at thirty, cos I have a nice and balanced diet. And I sure as hell don’t appreciate some moron claiming that “If you’re not an omnivore you’re abnormal and should be treated as such. Probably should be put in some sort of clinic.”

Well, this is the same guy who claimes that Hitler was a good leader and that the world needs more people like him. Who claims blanket statements are for the greater good and thinks that a relationship with no lies won’t work.
Bloody fool.