I got a dentist appointment :D  I’m gonna get my tooth fixed :D
I don’t know anyone who actually likes going to the dentist, but I’ve always liked it. The dentist I went to as a kid used to give us toys ^^ I don’t remember anything about him/her but I remember what drawer they had the toys in (second one from the floor)
The dentist I’ve been seeing since moving to this area is really nice. He’s from South Africa so he’s got a funny accent^^ He’s very careful and really tries not to hurt the patients if he can avoid it. When it comes to teeth you got a big bunch of nerves in that area so stuff can hurt a lot. That’s what anaesthetics.

They’ve also published the preliminary timetable at my school’s website. I’m getting a new teacher in physics :D My old one wasn’t very good. She also couldn’t keep the class quiet so even if she was good at explaining stuff no one could hear her. I still have her in maths though. There she isn’t much better, but I’ve been teaching myself maths since 7th grade.
Turns out I’ll probably get a new Swedish teacher too. Even though the majority of my class complained about our old one I think she was ok. Could have something to do with her really liking me and giving me good grades though xD

Also I won’t start school too early any day, or end too late :D That’s good. I do have more classes than last year though. But last year was silly. I had more free periods than scheduled classes. One good thing with my empty schedule was that if boyfriend had a day off chances were pretty high I had that day off too, or at least hardly any classes.

Anyway, I’m off to the subway station now. Meeting a friend ^^