I know a lot of weird people. Or I’ve met a lot of weird people at least..

There is this girl I know. She’s been together with her boyfriend for close to a year now. He says he’s never loved someone like he loves her. She wants to be single, but stays with the guy cos she thinks it’s her fault, and would feel mean to dump such a nice guy. Cos she really likes him, she’d just rather be single. It’s the worst when she’s out clubbing. She likes the hook-ups with random guys.

A guy friend of mine has a long distance thing with a girl. She’s a virgin. He wants to have sex, but doesn’t want to pressure her at all. He’ll wait as long as he has to for her to be willing. They’ve done pretty much “everything but”, but she doesn’t like going down on him or giving him a hand job. So basically he gets her off, but she never does anything in return. I can fully understand the part about not wanting to pressure her, but after thirteen months… Either she is scared to mess up or she is pretty selfish. It could be either, cos they are lacking some on the “communication department”. He feels like he can’t talk to her about some things cos he’s afraid of hurting her. She sex-part is one of them.

I know everyone has different limits when it comes to cheating, but this girl I know felt betrayed if her (now ex) boyfriend masturbated.
“Don’t I make him come often enough or what?” she asked me once. I just thought she was silly. He wasn’t with anyone else, and most likely he was thinking about her anyway. She just happened to not be there some of the times he got horny.

The same girl threw a fit when her (now ex) boyfriend was gonna see a movie with a friend. Why? The friend in question was female and blonde. Over reacting? Hells yeah!
She also got pissed off at me for thinking I wanted to steal her boyfriend. More than once, one of the times even after I’d met boyfriend.
It was ok for her to to sit on the lap of random guy friends in the precence of the boyfriend.
Basically he shouldn’t even talk to other girls and she could tease and flirt with guys without a problem.

Then she broke up with him cos she was soooo in love with this other guy. For about a week. Then she wanted the other guy back.
Guess what? He took her back.

Only to be dumped some months later. Again.