Yesterday I was supposed to go to this amusement park with a bunch of friends. That didn’t happen. I called but couldn’t get hold of the girl in charge. When on the phone with boyfriend the day before he seemed kinda sad that it probably wouldn’t happen.
“I wanted to see you,” he told me.
“I can still see you even if I haven’t been to that amusemtn park earlier,” I let him know. So we talked for about an hour after that.

The day after I get on the train. Since it’s a weekend the trains are not leaving very often so I found myself having forty-five minutes to kill before meeting up with boyfriend at his work. Part of those forty-five minutes would of course be killed on the twenty-or-so minutes the ride there took.

I arrived at the mall where he works about ten minutes before he got off work, so at first I just stood outside watching him help a customer.
I saw the customer leave and walked up to the store. He spotted me then and smiled. I walked up to the counter, smiling. And kissed him.
“I’m not allowed to do that,” he said.
“What?” I asked.
“Kiss customers,” he told me still smiling.
“I’m not gonna buy anything,” I said.

A few minutes later we were headed back to the station, going out for dinner. We get off a couple of stops earlier and to walk the rest of the way. On our way out I spot a friend of mine and we stop a few minutes to chat.

It was a nice day and not too hot. Since it was afternoon it wasn’t too sunny either. I don’t really like too bright sunlight.

We had tacos, often happens when we eat out. He told me about some things from work and how his boss had asked him some questions. His boss had apparantly thought he was a vegetarian cos he’ll sometimes eat vegetarian food, but boyfriend explained that he wasn’t. He just liked vegetarian food and his girlfriend was one.

When we were done we went to a movie theatre and noticed there was a movie on at seven. It was five past when we got there, but thought it couldn’t hurt to ask if there was still time. The guy selling tickets said we were lucky, the commercials were just ending so we could head straight in and sit down where it was free. So we missed the commercials and laughed through much of the movie.

Yes, it was a comedy ^^