This is part four. That means there are three parts before. First part is Getting Drunk (part I), the second part Getting Drunk (part II) and the third part Being Drunk (part I)..

So me and Pink were at the bar, her ordering another drink when Daisy’s boyfriend and his friends wanted to leave. He spotted me and told me they were leaving.
“Where’s Daisy?” I asked, assuming he’d already said good bye to her.
“Dunno, I lost her..” he said and left.

When still waiting in line a girl approached me.
“Have you seen a camera?” she asked me.
“A digital one with a black front?” I ask her.
“Yeah,” she said, losing the worried look she’d had when approaching me.
“We found it but handed it in,” I told her.

A few mintues later she came back. None of the staff had gotten it. More than that, none of them had heard anything about it. I asked Pink what’s going on and she asked me to wait while she signed the credit card reciept. So we waited. In the mean time I saw Kleptomaniac leaving. I asked her if Pink had given her the camera, not thinking she’d know anything but you know, just in case.
“What camera?” she asked and hurried away from there.

Pink came back with the drinks and I once again asked her what she’d done with the camera since none of the staff had heard about it. Turned out that she’d given it to Kleptomaniac and asked her to give it to me. Since there wasn’t much we could do I took the girls phone number and told her we’d do our best to sort it out.

A little later we were back on the dance floor. I tried telling Daisy that her boyfriend had left, but she wasn’t interested it seemed like. A bit later Angel told us she was getting tired and that she was leaving. After several hugs she left.
A few minuets after that Pink tapped my shoulder. I tured around and she pointed to her leg.
It was bleeding from a long, thin scratch on her thigh. She went to the bathroom to clean up and I went with her. I also left to find someone who could help find a band-aid or something. When I’d found someone Pink asked me to fetch Daisy so I went back downstairs.

“Where’s Jay,” she asked me as soon as she saw me. Jay being her boyfriend. “I can’t find him anywhere.”
“He left,” I told her. “I tried telling you earlier but I guess you didn’t hear me.”
With that information Daisy decided she had to get a phone NOW, or ten minutes ago if it were possible. I told her Pink might have one to get her to come with me. When she is like that you can’t get her to think about anything else.

Pink asked to borrow her boyfriend’s phone, but Daisy was too drunk to remember the number. So we decided to get my phone since I had his number there. Daisy pushed us to the front of the line and soon I had my bag and she got the number. They were at some other place and apparently there were some girls there as well. Daisy got really pissed off and hung up. She wanted to go home NOW!
Pink told her to wait a second and called Jay. She talked to him some, but I didn’t hear it cos I was trying to comfort Daisy. Daisy was nearly crying by now.

Pink told Daisy that Jay would be waiting for her at his place.
“No, he won’,” Daisy said. “I just talked to him and he was at [inset name of the place here].”
“I talked to him two seconds ago, he is going home now.”
So Pink and Daisy stood screaming at each other for a few minutes before Daisy said she was going home. I told Pink I’d take her home and we left.

On the way to the subway Daisy was ranting on about how she always found the wrong guys and how they only seemed to think she was ok for a fuck and nothing else and how lucky I was to have found someone.
“You’ve been together like years,” she said before going back to how she always found the wrong guys.
“Uhm seven months,” I corrected her but I don’t think she heard me.

She refused to let me walk her any further than to the subway, cos to get home to boyfriend I was supposed to go in the other direction. I said I was going to make sure she got home safe, but she wouldn’t listen and more or less forced me down the escalators.

When I was waiting for the train I called boyfriend. I asked him to pick me up cos I was still very drunk. He promised me he would. So I got on the train, got off the train, and walked over to where he was picking me up. A few minutes after I’d gotten there I saw the car.

I told him, pretty incoherently, about the night. And after a while even about the stuff Daisy had said about him cheating. He got pretty pissed off. I asked if anything had happened that she could’ve misunderstood.
“Only the stuff you already know,” he told me. “You know everything I’ve done that could’ve been counted as infidelity.”
In the end I remembered one thing. At one after party during the time we weren’t together they’d had a drunken game of Truth or Dare and he’d been dared to kiss a girl. That was the only after party both he and Daisy had been to. So she could’ve seen that as infidelity and was maybe not lying (still haven’t talked to her about that) and he hadn’t done anything wrong.

We got home ok, and I went to bed and fell asleep rather quickly, waking up the morning after with a killer hangover.
I hate hangovers!