The day after this day.I don’t remember how I woke up. Or when. I do remember lying in bed cuddling with boyfriend though. I like cuddling^^ Sometimes cuddling with boyfriend turns into making out. This particular morning it did. Sometimes making out leads to other things, like oral sex.
“If this is the result of you reading sex blogs, I definitely do not mind,” boyfriend said one time when I’d tried out something I’d read guys usually like. I of course asked if he liked it and that was the answer I got.

In the middle of giving boyfriend a blowjob my phone starts ringing. Or rather playing a song, but it’s someone calling me. I search through my bag and find my phone. It was my friend Angel letting me know that the planned trip to the amusement park had been cancelled due to people being ill.
“But we’re gonna have some kinda pre-party in [insert name of a park central Stockholm] instead,” she said. We chatted for a few more minutes, just to be mean to boyfriend. I did hang up after a while and went back to what I was doing. Apparently that was the best blowjob ever if you ask boyfriend. I told him I still want to learn how to deepthroat.
“You can do that,” he told me.
“Not properly,” I said. “I still need to figure out a way to breathe at the same time.”
“Don’t,” he said.
“Don’t what?” I asked.
“Don’t learn to do it properly. I’d die then!”
Boyfriend was going to pick up a friend from the Central Station and offered me a ride. I accepted. I wouldn’t have to catch the bus and I’m pretty good at killing time.
On the way in I noticed the Pride Parade. It is hard to miss that many rainbow flags and what not. I saw a bunch of balloons arranged to form a huge rainbow.
“Look,” I told boyfriend and pointed. He groaned.
“I can’t believe I’m here, driving, at the same time as that parade. I’ll be stuck for hours!” he complained.

A few minutes later we arrived at the parking lot outside the station. Just in time to see his friend making her way towards us.
“What have you tricked me into?” he demanded to know.
“What?” she asked.
“It’s the Pride today,” he said. “We’ll be stuck for hours!”
I left them there, after a hug and a kiss from boyfriend. I browsed shops for about an hour before I find what I was looking for. It was costing half of what I was prepared to pay as well so I was happy.

About an hour after I’d bought my white legwarmers I called Angel to ask where she was. She was on the train and we chatted a while. I asked when her train was arriving and she told me it was about half an hour later, so I waited for her. When she arrived we talked for a while, about stuff that had happened since last time we met and headed over to the train that was going to take us to see Daisy and Pink and company.

When we got there Daisy was waiting. She’d gotten lost but still made it there on time as well as gotten pretty drunk. She’d finished almost a whole wine bottle on her own. She wasn’t really drunk yet though. She can take a LOT of alcohol. Pink had missed her train though but we decided to wait for her.
We sat there talking about stuff for about an hour before we gave up.
“Let’s go to my place and get dressed and what not,” Daisy said and we agreed.

On our way there Pink texts Angel and asks where we are. Angel texts her back telling her we got tired of waiting. Pink and the people that are with her decide to not come to Daisy’s place but wait for us in the park instead. We get dressed and fix make-up and stuff like that. Daisy fixed my make up and I think it looked really good. She thought so too and I lost count on how many times she called me cute or beautiful that night. I borrowed clothes from her too. A short red skirt and a white-ish top. Together with the legwarmers I thought I looked like I’d escaped from an anime. The girls in those shows often wear short skirts and socks that looked like my legwarmers.

On our way from the subway to the park I noticed I’d dropped my sweater and ran back to get it. Angel and Daisy didn’t wait for me, but I know the way so I would catch up. On my way back to them two guys in their late 20s, early 30s see me. I hear something along the line of “cute chick” and some else lewd comment. I walk past them pretty fast and turn around. The guys are following me. After hearing about a friend of mine nearly getting raped a few days later I panic and almost start running. I call Angel and asks her and Daisy to wait for me. They do and I actually start running when I see them.

Continued here.