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When we reach the spot where Pink and her boyfriend and friends are sitting we notice that Kleptomaniac isn’t there. Daisy asks where she is but Pink doesn’t know. Since Daisy is the way she is Pink called her, but told Kleptomaniac to be fast since her battery was low. Kleptomaniac said something I didn’t hear.
“Yeah, she’s here,” Pink answered.
Soon after that they hung up and Pink tells me that Kleptomaniac is going to call me.
“She has my number?” I asked. “When did she get that?”
“Maybe when you were drunk some time,” Daisy said and laughed.
“How’d she get my number?” I wanted to know. I figure our when and how she got it a few minutes before she called. I answered but handed Daisy the phone after a few seconds. Daisy and Kleptomaniac agreed that meeting up at the club we were going to later was a good idea and hung up.

Around this time Daisy’s boyfriend arrived with a bunch of his friends and I’ve realised I’m drunk. Pink had some vodka-soda-something more-mix in a 1½ litre bottle that is too strong for me. I was also sitting down.

We didn’t do much, talk, get drunk, and talk some more. Oh, and a lot of laughing as well. When I’m drunk everything is either very funny or something I’ll get mad about. Then Pink and her boyfriend and their friends thought it was about time to go to the club. They wanted to get there before ten so they didn’t have to pay the entrance fee. Daisy thought they would never get there in time and let’s them know. Angel also wanted to leave but wasn’t sure how to do cos didn’t want to leave Daisy there. Pink asked what I would do.
“If Angel goes with you, I’ll stay. If she stays I’ll go,” I said. “So Daisy doesn’t have to be alone with this bunch.
Pink thought it was a good idea and after some near quarrelling with Daisy they left and I stayed.

I got even more drunk during this time, and after about and hour or so we got bored. At first we didn’t want to go to the aforementioned club but go to the Pride-party. Since one of Daisy’s boyfriend’s friends was a major homophone we went to the club anyway. Daisy’s boyfriend said he’d pay for both of us since we were both broke.

On our was there me and Daisy had a pretty drunken conversation. None of us were walking straight so we’d steady each other. I’m still not sure if it worked or not, but it felt like we were walking a little straighter at least.
“I don’t understand why you are together with him,” she said when we were a few hundred metres from the club. “You’re so much cuter than him.”
I don’t say much. Even though I’m very drunk myself I know that having a serious discussion with another drunk person isn’t gonna do any good.
“Why are you faithful anyway?” she asks me.
“I’m always faithful,” I said. Even if boyfriend would cheat on me I’m not sure I’d do the same as some kind of revenge.
“But he isn’t!” Daisy said. Wait a second, WHAT? Boyfriend? Cheat on me? No way… He’s come close once, one of the reasons we broke up that time.
“Why would you say that?” I ask her. She could have misunderstood something, right? She wouldn’t actually lie about the guy I love, would she? And even if that was the case, I can’t see why she would.
“He was making out with people at a pre-party when you weren’t there,” she said.
“Was that before or after he met me?” I asked. If it was before then he hadn’t cheated and she wasn’t lying. That would be the best.
“I’ve only known him since after I met you,” Daisy said. She wouldn’t tell me who, and I didn’t press it. Pretty soon we reached the club.

“Ok everybody,” Daisy said. “Now we need to at least look sober.”
All the guys agree on that, but we stay there talking some more and trying to look sober. Some of the guys could walk straight at least. One of them thought it was a good idea to lift my skirt. I didn’t think it was a good idea and reacted by kicking him on the shin. Pretty hard too. He’d already gone too far with a couple of jokes earlier. Then I spot his friend with a camera and assumed that he’d taken some pictures so he got a couple of kicks too.
Daisy’d boyfriend started laughing at his friends getting beat up by a girl.

A few minutes later we’re in. When two pretty girls with big boobs and short skirts want to get in they usually do. Even if they are in the company of seven guys.

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