I live in the middle of nowhere and needed a ride. Since my mum was going to work is was either go with her or walk to the train station which is about 10k’s away.

So I went with her.

She’s a system administrator at a theatre. So she set up a guest user for me. Yay! I had Internet access the whole day ^^ Since I was pretty stupid I’d forgotten so bring anything to eat. Thankfully my mum gave me some money so I could go buy something to eat^^ A few hours after that I went to meet up boyfriend at his work.

On my way to his work, I had to change trains. When waiting for my connecting train I saw this lady. Her t-shirt said SSDD, and I was kinda curious as to what it meant. She got on the same train as me and even got off at the same station I did. So I asked her what it mean. Same Shit, Different Day.

I had to wait for a few minutes for boyfriend to get off work, and then we were on our way into town, with a little detour to his best friend’s car. I was gonna leave my things there as well as get changed. By the way, boyfriend is a tease even though he denies it ;)

We got to the club, I met some people I know, talked to them. Boyfriend went to talk to two of his friends. One of them I’m also friends with but the other one I’m pretty close to hating. After all the shit she’s put me and people I care for through I’m surprised I don’t hate her. So I felt like he’d rather spend time with her than with me and got a bit down about it…

Then the DJ started playing. He started out pretty lame with popular songs to get the dance floor filled up. I sat and talked to his girlfriend waiting for him to start playing “for real”. After about an hour or so he did, and I was out on the dance floor. Happy once again. When I’m on a dance floor and the DJ knows what he’s doing I just lose myself in a the music, not really caring anymore. It’s my drug.

When I was at the bar, waiting for the bartender to notice me and give me a glass of water this guy comes up to me and asks if I want a drink.
“No thanks,” I politely let him know. He leaves.
When I’m back at the dance floor he comes up and asks if he can dance with me. I let him know I dance alone. He doesn’t give up and stays far too close to me for my liking.

I then see boyfriend coming my way and more or less jump him. Hugging him tight and kissing him. Two reasons, one is that I like hugging and kissing boyfriend, one is that it’s an excellent way to get rid of unwanted male attention.
This guy didn’t give up though. Next time I want water he again offers me a drink. Once again I decline.

Since boyfriend had been working he was getting tired pretty early so we leave ’round one. The bouncer looks briefly at boyfriend, and not as briefly at me. Then he says have a nice night mainly to boyfriend. He thought boyfriend had picked up a girl. I’m a bit more than a one-night-stand!

So we took the bus as close to him as we got and walked to his best friend’s car. He’d borrowed it cos he was gonna pick her up the day after. We got in and closed the door. Sat there, just hugging and talking. His room is too close to his parents room so we wouldn’t be able to talk as much there.

After a while we ended up making out in the back-seat of the car. And making out soon led to him going down on me.
“This is a first for me,” boyfriend let me know.
“What?” I asked.
“Having sex in a car,” he let me know. “I’ve never done that before.”

He made me come hard and didn’t stop. I tried making him stop cos I couldn’t take it much more, but he wouldn’t. Then he stopped for two seconds, just long enough to let me know he wasn’t going to stop ’till I asked him. Then he went back down, making me come again. I’m not sure if it was several times or justu one very long.. either way, when I finally managed to ask him to stop, I was breathless. But I wasn’t completely done yet. I wanted him in me, and he was still partially dressed. I’d only lost my panties so far, but I didn’t have to lose anymore, since I was wearing a short skirt. He needed to get rid of his boxers. So I tugged at them, trying to get them off. He had to help, and then was happy to fuck me.

“We need to always bring tissues with us everywhere we go,” boyfriend said when we were trying to clean up. We ended up using his shirt. Then he drove back and we went to bed. Well, we lay there hugging for a while first, and I fell asleep in his arms. ^^

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