Today started out ok. I woke up around noon and was almost happy. After a shower and some breakfast I checked my e-mail and stuff like webcomics and blogs. Talked to a friend too. It’s soon her birthday so kinda looking forward to that^^

I went to see if my best friend was at home. She wasn’t, so I went to check if she was maybe at her parent’s place. Her older sister is vising along with husband and kids and stepkids. I asked the sister where my best friend was but she didn’t know.

So I went back home and thought I might send my grandmother an e-mail. It’s my birthday kinda soonish (like a month left) and my grandparents want a wish list from me.
Speaking of wishlist, I once borrowed a book from the library called “The Wish List” by Eoin Colfer. And the person who’s borrowed it before me had used someone’s wish list as to mark how far they’d come in the book. I though that was pretty amusing.

A little later I went over to my best friends house again. This time her husband told me where she was. Or rather, he pointed and I could see where she was for myself. She’d borrowed a couple of horses from some people she know. They live a few k’s away, but around these parts you could almost consider that a neigbhour xD My best friend needed to feed her youngest son who’s six month’s old. She asked me to look after one of the horses while she was gone. I know how to handle horses and she knows that too.

So I more or less just stood there and let the kids sit on it’s back. One of the kids though thought it was a lot of fun kicking me. So I politely asked him to stop it. He didn’t. So I more or less yelled at him to stop it.
“Ok,” he said and looked like he was gonna start crying. Had he not stopped I might’ve made him cry and then have his bitch for a mother start yell at me. I usually like kids, but this kid is such a bully. He peed on my best friends son today *muttering about unsuitable parents and annoying kids*.

After a while my best friend came back and she decided it was time to take the horses home. So we (her, me, her oldest son, her sisters two step-daughters) started walking towards the horses’ home. I got to ride part of the way =D Was aaaages ago since the last time I was that close to a horse and I realised I’d missed it a lot. I really like horse back riding and horses in general.

At the stable we talked some to the owner of the horses. She didn’t remember me from last time I’d seen her. Not that surprising actually as it was several years ago I last saw her. Atleast five years ago.

They had bikes so I got home using a short-cut and we got home about the same time. Didn’t do much once we were at her place. Talk, put on a movie for the kids and fixing dinner.

Over all it was definitely a nice day ^^