I’ve never had to think about having sex or not on a first date.
The closest I’ve come to a first date was three and a half weeks after I slept with the guy in question.

He wanted to take me to this taco-place. He said that was the best fast food he’d ever had. Other times when we had been in the city at the same time the taco-place had been closed. So we decided to meet up and go eat there as well as do some Christmas shopping and what not. They had this market-thingy in central Stockholm.

So after school I got on a commuter train headed in the right direction. And when he finished work he did the same. He also called me, since we’d be on different trains. When I got to a station he’d pass a few minutes later I got off and waited for his train. So the last six minutes of the train ride we were on the same train^^

When we got off the train he asked me if I was hungry yet. I wasn’t hungry just yet and neither was he, so I asked if he was ok with me doing a quick detour to a CDshop to get a CD they didn’t have in my town for my mum. He was ok with that.

After I’d bought the CD we were hungry so we headed over to the taco-place a few minutes walk away and ordered our food.
And it was good food too ^^ I like spicy food and tacos are pretty spicy^^

When we left, he took my hand. Or I took his, I can’t really remember which. Either way we left holding hands.
Half way to the market place we ran into a few guys skateboarding. One of them was a former classmate of mine. I said hi and we left.

When we’d left the skateboarders out of hearing range I told him that one of them was a former classmate as well as the first of my friends who saw him.
“So you ok with people you know seeing you hand in hand with some guy?”
I looked down, blushing slightly but had to answer yes. I was ok with that.

There was another stop on the way, in a book shop. I love books, and I read a lot so I just wanted to look around. I wouldn’t buy anything this time, as it was too close to Christmas, but I still wanted to look.
I don’t remeber why, but he asked me if I was maybe falling for him. He asked it in a joking way, but that’s when I realised that falling for him was exactly what I was doing.
“Maybe a bit,” I answered him, blushing again. I don’t think he noticed that though, cos he was reading off the back of a book.

At the market place the usual stuff was sold. Home made fudge and knitted hats. Glass sculptures and t-shirts with pretty pictures on them. As well what interested me the most right then, jewelery. I was looking for three earings that’d fit well together since I recently had gotten myself a third piercing in my ear.

We passed a doughnut stand and he bought a couple of doughtnuts, and then I found the place selling earrings. They had these simple ones in silver that I really liked. Smooth, silver, somewhere between 5 and 15 millimeteres in diameter. They were cute and wouldn’t look strange even though my ear-piercings were asymetrical. He said he’d buy them for me, as an early Christmas present. At first I didn’t want him to buy them. I did have some money of my own and they weren’t very expensive.
He insisted, so in the end he payed and I got three pretty silver ear rings in a bag.

On the way to the train we shared a doughnut. He’d bought one of each flavour and we both wanted to taste all of the flavours so we shared. The train ride passed without anything really special happening and pretty soon we were in his apartment.
We tried watching a movie but got kinda distracted ^^

Later that night I asked him, if someone asked if he was single what would he answer?
“If it’s you asking, I’d say I was single. If anyone else asked I’d say I wasn’t,” he told me. Then he asked me the same question. I said I wasn’t really sure. I said I’d probably answer something along the lines that I was single but interested in someone. I was pretty glad that it was dark then, so he didn’t notice me blushing.

We talked some more, about the same topic… Then he asked me if I’d want to be his girlfriend. At first I was too shocked to answer. He actually liked me enough to want to be together with me.
I said yes, I did want to be his girlfriend.

Oh, and we did have sex that night ;)