First time I kissed a guy was on spin-the-bottle . He didn’t know that was my first “kiss”.

My first proper kiss was roughly twenty-four hours later on the roof of the hotel we were both staying at with the same guy. We didn’t speak the same language, but I understood his. That meant he could talk to me, but I had a hard time talking to him. We didn’t do that much talking anyway.

It all started out the second evening I was there. Him and his friends were playing pool and I was sitting not too far away reading a book. I’d noticed him watching me earlier that day when I’d been playing around in the pool with my brother. Stuff like seeing who could swim the furthest under the water…

One of his friends approached me and asked if I wanted to play pool with them.
“Sure,” I said. “I’m not too good at it thought.”
So I played against this guy, let’s call him J. I was really bad at it, but I got a bit of help from “unseen forces” (ie his friends) but he won in the end anyway. We didn’t do much talking since their English was lousy and I didn’t speak very much of their language.

The week passed, we’d flirt a lot but nothing more really.
Once the only girl in their group sat down on his, what-do-you-call-it, those chairs you can lie down and sun bath on, and he was like “not so close, she might think you’re my girlfriend.”
I started laughing and he asked me why.
“I understand your language,” I told him. In his language.
He was pretty embarrassed and actually blushed a bit.

The second last day I had there we’d play spin-the-bottle and one of his friends told me to kiss him. I looked around half in panic in case my mum would turn up. Two of the guys noticed this and blocked the view from our hotel room.
J got a quick peck on the lips.
“That was short,” he said. I turned really red.

The day after, which was my last day there, I met the one of his friends who actually knew some English.
“You were pretty red last night,” he said.
“Yeah, well.. I’ve never kissed a guy cos I was told to before,” I said.

Later that night J and me snuck away and up to the roof. We didn’t only kiss, it went a bit further than that. That was the first time I got fingered.
We had to cut it short though, cos I’d promised I’d be with my family when the new year started.

‘Round 1AM when my family had gone to bed I went out on the balcony. J’s friends saw me and waved. A bit later I saw J too. He’d climbed up to my balcony.
He kissed me and soon we were making out on my bed.
He also went down on me that night, but nothing more happened. We didn’t have any condoms and I had no idea if he was clean or not and didn’t want to risk getting an STD. I feel kinda sorry for him though ;)

The morning after I went back home.