The other day me and boyfriend were cuddling in bed when my mum called. Since I hadn’t talked to her for ages I had to pick up the phone.

Guess what boyfriend did? He started kissing around my panties, pulling them down a bit, kissing just above the hairline. Stuff like that. And I was on THE PHONE WITH MY MUM. It was really hard to sound normal. He had a lot of fun though. At me, trying to actually hold a conversation with my mum.

I think that’s one of the weirdest experiences I’ve had.

Then I hung up and my panties found themselves in a little heap on the floor. Just as it was getting really good my phone goes off again. I kinda guessed it was mum again, so I told boyfriend to answer and tell her I was in the bathroom.

It wasn’t mum. It was little brother asking if he could use my computer. He wanted both him and his friend to be able to play at the same time since it was getting boring to switch between watching and playing.
Sure, he could use my computer could he now please get off the phone? One problem. My computer is password-protected. And the password is eight random letters. So he had to get off that phone and use the cordless one so he could be at my computer while I told him the password.
So he had to hang up and call me back (we’ve got two numbers so he couldn’t just change phone without hanging up).

Did you think boyfriend stopped? Nope. Little brother got the wrong password several times cos I couldn’t concentrate.
In the end little brother got on my computer and boyfriend made me come. Hard. And several times in a row.

Then we got on to other things ^^

On a side note I got interviewed by Dirty Filthy Princess, go check it out ^^