From my MSN conversations with my One night stand it seemed like he didn’t like boyfriend.  And sometimes I get the impression that boyfriend doesn’t like ONS. I don’t think any of them are jealous of the other, but they both seem to think or joke about  the other being jealous of them.

Boyfriend thinks ONS is jealous of him cos he’s got the best girl a guy could wish for. ONS is probably just joking around when he suggests boyfriend should be jealous of him. I don’t actually think that ONS thinks boyfriend is jealous of him, but he has a lot of fun joking about it.

I talked to boyfriend a few days ago. I said that I seriously don’t think ONS is jealous of him. But the way boyfriend sees it every guy should be jealous of him cos he’s together with me, and I’m just perfect and great. (His words not mine). I said that ONS could’ve tried getting together with me, but first time we spoke when I’d left his apartment he told me right out that he wasn’t the slightest interested in a relationship, and that if I was.. Well, too bad for me.

I didn’t mind at all, cos I wasn’t interested in a relationship either. I’ve told boyfriend this as well.

Then I talked to ONS on the phone the other day. I asked if he disliked my boyfriend or something. And he said that he doesn’t really have an opinion since they haven’t met. I said it seems like he doesn’t like boyfriend and that boyfriend thinks that he’s jealous. He said that he generally dislikes his female friends’ boyfriends. No particular reason.

So I think at least I’ve got it all figured out. Boyfriend loves me, so every guy friend of mine who dislikes him is secretly in love with me, and ONS just generally dislike his friends’ boyfriends for no specific reason other than “all guys are assholes and don’t deserve my friends”.

Any other opinions?