Yesterday when we were in tow some guys were handing out fliers for some café. One of the guys handed out oranges with the fliers. Why not I thought and got an orange.

Then we headed to a shop cos I wanted to buy some nose rings. I’m really good at losing them, so I thought I’d buy some spare ones. And this store sells them fairly cheap, which is good when you spend more of your boyfriend’s money than your own. I don’t spend a lot of his money, I just don’t have very much of my own to spend.

We also went past these fruit and vegetable stall. All of them claimed to have the sweetest fruit and all of them sold the same stuff to the same price. Boyfriend bought me some strawberries cos he knows I like them.

Then we went back home cos I was getting hungry and we didn’t see the point of eating out when we weren’t that far from his place.

When we got home we noticed the strawberries had been squished so we made smoothies out of them instead of just eating them. That tasted really good =) We also watched a movie and then I borrowed his computer to check mail and talk to people online.

What happened then is in the last post xD

Today we woke up kinda early and I was tidying up some and just put that orange temporarily on it the bed. Then I forgot all about it and next time I got there boyfriend had made the bed with the orange still there xD So there was a little lump on the bed =P Anyways, I’m kinda hungry. Think I’ll eat the orange^^