So here I was, peacefully IMing people when boyfriend comes and pulls off my trousers and panties and goes down on me. Just like that. (Well, after some trying-to-get girlfriend-horny-all-through-dinner-even-if-family-is-present)

When I feel like I’m about to die, he stops. But just for a minute… Then he goes on. I practically had to beg him to stop. Then he stops, but just to flip me over so I’m on my tummy, then he’s there with his tongue driving me to yet another orgasm.

According to him it was just fair. Last time I was here, I had my period and I don’t feel so comfortable having sex then, so I gave him a blow job. He claims I’m the best ever at that and if I got any better he’d DIE from it.

When I’d definitely had enough he let me rest for a while. Then I just really wanted him inside me, so I tried pulling of his trousers. Which I can’t do if he’s not OK with it. He didn’t really mind for some reason xD

Somewhere in the middle of it I heard the computer tell me someone IMed me. I didn’t really care ’till we were done and so. Then I checked what my friend had said.

Friend says: Hi
Friend says: *Poke* You there?
Mortality says: Uhm.. now I am^^
Friend says: So what’s up?
Mortality says: Uhm.. I was kinda busy having sex with my boyfriend.. *blush*
Friend says: Oh, then I understand why it took you so long to reply.

Hmm, boyfriend is back. I wonder if I can take anymore just yet. Still feeling a bit sore.