So this guy who used to be a real good friend but whom I really don’t want to see right how… His family is here on vacation. Not him, just the family. Thank God! Otherwise I think I’d have done some more hiding out at boyfriend’s place.
I talked to his mum earlier today.

“Oh, I almost forgot! He asked me to tell you he said hi,” she said and smiled. Like I wanted to hear from him again. I deleted his number from my phonebook, I try not to even think about him.

I didn’t say anything to her though… I just silently panicked and headed over to my best friend. She wasn’t at home though. So then I hurried back home and called boyfriend.
He was working but called me back as soon as he went on lunch. He was able to cheer me up =)

Then I was able to get onto my gmail account. My computer isn’t very fond of google for some reason so that was a surprise.
Found an e-mail from boyfriend. I just get more and more reasons to love him^^

456<– Let’s pretend it’s boyfriend and me =)