And can’t use proper grammar xD
Anyways, I’ve been reading blogs and watched YouTube videos more or less all day.
That is after the call to our internet-provider. Apparantly there seems to be something wrong with our router >.<

The down side of not really talking to anyone on a whole day is that I CRAVE human interaction. If I was a Sims character there would be one of them social bunnies dropping in soon.


I want to call someone but can’t figure out anyone to call. It’s 11PM and everyone I know either lives with their parents or has a cell or both. (Or in the case of boyfriend, is at the movies).

Often when I haven’t really talked to anyone for a whole day I’ll feel kinda empty. Talking to someone on the phone can fill some of that emptyness, but not all of it. I really need to not be at my computer as much as I’ve been the past few days. All I’ve done since Tuesday has been reading blogs, cheking forums, checking my e-mail, watching videos on YouTube and chatting on MSN. I NEED to talk to someone *for real* soon! I CRAVE it!

A hug would be nice too…