I wrote about how I lost my virginity. Now let’s write about the first time I had completely consentual sex.
I was going out one night with a friend, but he didn’t turn up. He’d gone and broken a foot and I didn’t get to know ’till I was already at the club. So I stayed. I’d made emergency plans for where to sleep in case this friend didn’t turn up. So I sent a text to my other friend, Bite Me, and told him I’d be staying the night at his place.

Did what I usually do, get high on sugar (like real sugar.. C6H12O6) and dance. Dance like nothing matters, just following the music. Gotta say I love that. Specially at the outskirts of a filled dance floor.

Anyway, this guy asked if he could buy me a drink. I said ok and we started talking. Soon enough this guy turned out to be pretty stupid and annoying so I ditched him. I also decided never to let strangers buy me drinks again.

A bit later this guy started dancing with me, he was a good dancer so I was ok with that. Then we started kissing too. Little later I decided I was gonna leave.
“Why?” this guy asked me.
“Cos I’m staying the night with a friend and don’t want to turn up too late,” I told him honestly.
“What are you doing tomorrow then?” he asked.
“Probaly comming here in the evening, not sure what to do with the rest of the day though,” I said.
“Mind if I call you then?” he asked.
I didn’t and he got my number.

I left, went to my friends place. Found out he’s fallen asleep at his computer and I didn’t dare make any real sounds in case I woke up his parents. In the end (after seven missed calls to his cell that was on silent and one signal on his home phone) he came and opened the door for me.

The next morning I woke up hungover. My friend started laughing. He asked me how much I’d had the night before. When he heard the answer he laughed so hard he nearly fell of the bed, then he went and got me a pain killer.
Yeah, he’s one of my best friends.

So I didn’t really do much the rest of the day, ‘cept talk to the guy on the phone. Then later that night I went back to the club. Just to get to know that I got stood up again, so I called the guy from the night before and asked if I could sleep there. He said I could.

So I got there and we were talking for a bit and stuff.. Then we started kissing, which led to making out, which led to other stuff. We didn’t actually have sex that night cos we didn’t have any condoms. And I refused to, not just in case I could get pregnant (he offered to buy me a morning-after-pill) but I didn’t know where he’d been. I got some oral sex that night, but I was too tired to give him any. He was ok with it though.

First thing when stores opened next morning we went and bought some though, I don’t remember any real details, since it was over seven months ago. Even if I did I wouldn’t write about them here.

If it would have been a real first I wouldn’t have told him it was to be honest. The first guy I kissed dosn’t know he was the first =)