Fuck life. Sometimes that’s how I feel. I just wanna curl up in a corner and cry. I can’t do that though… And I don’t really want to. Right now I think that’s what I want… My stomach wants to kill me and I’ve twisted my knee. That’s not the worst though. I’m just feeling pretty down, for no apparant reason.
Well I guess I can blame it on just getting my period today. I fucking hate it! Thankfully I only have to endure it like every 7th week.. Take this little pill that makes sure I don’t get pregnant and also makes me able to postpone my period.

Boyfriend was looking over my shoulder so I asked if he read what I was writing (I haven’t let him read this yet..) he said no. He was just facinated by the way I was typing. I don’t type the “proper” way, I use my right index finger the most.
And apparantly I’m pretty too ^^ Or so boyfriend told me^^ Someday I might be brave enough to post some pics here, but not today. I know some other people I *know* that might find it and for now I’m only comfortable with internet people reading this.